Fairy Cleaning Service



Make The Right Impression With A Clean Business

Industrial and manufacturing  facilities cleaning services help industries improve the look of their buildings and create safe environments through our best practices.

We know that your facility is always busy with truck schedules, shipments, and drivers coming in and out of the building. Fairy Cleaning is here to help by managing the janitorial services your business requires.

Fairy Cleaning Janitorial Satisfaction Guaranteed make sure our team works hard to create the best possible environment for your facility, employees, clients, and anyone else who comes into your building. 

We are insured and bonded!

Fairy Cleaning Service is dedicated to the cleanliness and health of all our customers.

Our cleaning crews and staff take great pride and ownership in their work. We work diligently to keep your building as clean and safe as possible.


  • Regular site inspections and evaluations to ensure janitorial cleaning performance is above expectations.
  • Greatly reduced day-to-day operating difficulties through rigorous cleaner candidate qualification, increased training, enhanced accountability, and improved quality controls
  • The lowest total cost through competitive pricing, reduction of oversight costs, and elimination of unnecessary services
  • We don’t lock you in a contract as we gain your loyalty with our quality work.