Fairy Cleaning Service



Finally, the search for the best cleaning company is over! Our company has a wide expertise in the field of Janitorial Service that makes us stand out among the rest.

  • Easy Communication and Fast Response are our Top Priority!

Fairy Cleaning Service understands the challenges all facilities face to keep employee and clients healthy and safe.


  • We can customize a professional commercial cleaning to fit your schedule and your needs.


– 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

– Fully insured and bonded company

– 5.0 Star Average rating on Google

– Well trained, friendly and professional team

– Flexible appointments

– We work Day shift and Night Shift

– Our products are friendly for: people, pets, asthma and allergy sufferers


  • We Prevent Cross-Contamination

Fairy Cleaning Service will help you keep viruses and bacteria under control which is essential for operating any facility. So, we can help reduce unwanted transmission through regular cleaning with effective products that are EPA-registered to kill a broad spectrum of germs. Deeper cleanings at regular intervals in addition to daily cleanings is another smart investment for making sure every area and surface is disinfected.

Many surfaces require extra attention to ensure they do not promote cross-contamination. These can include the following:

  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Handles
  • Railings
  • Windows
  • Switches
  • Chairs
  • Lunch Areas
  • Bathroom Areas

“Quality, affordable and professional cleaning services in a snap of fingers – that’s what we offer to satisfy your needs”